Last Updated: May 22 2023
Currently seeking:

late 70s to early 200s (not European-made) Jeep (CJ, CJ-5, YJ, Renegade)
Pref. black CJ-7 with minimal/no modifactions. Standard.

Solid frame (I'm going to see if you can tap holes in it with a screwdriver), no rainbow of wires (from past modifications), no lift kit or properly done lift (not just a backyard home lift job). Rust on the body is acceptable, but tell me it's there so I can fix it. Not quadratrack (not 4wd all the time). 6cl or 4cl are fine, but prefer inline 4. Manual or automatic are OK. Tires not older than 8 years. Leather seats.

150/250cc montaƱera (dual sport, enduro) in decent shape