Last Updated: Dec 15 2023

Jay Ehm

Currently seeking:

1988 Toyota Hilux double cab in good condition, no rust on chassis, with tires not too old. 1985-1988 is the model series, any of those years are acceptable (you can recognize them easily because the wheels have boxy 'blister' flares. These range between $3500 - $7000, depending on how nice they are and how much stuff the owner has done to them (nice new tires, clean interior, metal bumpers cases, etc.)

Property on the Carretera between San Juan and La Virgen. No particular size, could be 1 manzana, could be 80, but has to be a good deal. Not looking for one with a modern house on it. A cement regular house or no house are both fine.

I want to hire workers:
1. shop attendant for clothing etc. store, but a person who also can do other things competently. This person should have experience doing screenprinting (and be very competent at doing it), and some woodworking/etc.
2. Spanish language teacher, to produce lessons and videos. This person should be very good at typing. English is not necessary (I speak Spanish), but some English would be good. This person must be clean and presentable and have a moral character and reputation.
3. PA, Personal Assistant. This person should be a go-getter. A person who can get a list of things from me to do, and go and accomplish them all. This person should be a good typist, have good people skills, and be independently motivated (when I give you work to do, and you go do it, and I'm not there, you can stay on task and complete everything without getting distracted). A professionally-minded person, trustworthy and polite. English not necessary but some English would be good.

Friends to do outdoors activities with. I go hiking a lot, and swimming. Also want to do biking, trekking, surfing, and lots of other outdoor activities. If you want to do some stuff like this, or just general go out and explore places, let me know (only for people who actually will be able to get themselves to leave the house).